our family

our family

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Science Fair Projects

This year Gabe is in the science fair as part of his 6th grade science class but Zach is just doing it for fun. It's been great to see the boys engaged in their different projects. 
Rilla of course jumped in to create her own picture.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nobody puts Baby in a corner-

Yikes! Will she always be "Baby"?!?! She is a great (although tasteful!) dancer!
Rilla is four.
How did this happen?
She is reading and spelling and snapping; the list went on to include puking the morning of her birthday but fortunately that last one can be crossed off the list now.
The night before her birthday, in Godsey tradition,  we recited her birth story; she got out the photo album and followed along, wiggling and grinning with sheer joy and excitement. 
Some adult tears were shed for sure.
We love you, AprilJayne Rose Godsey.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall Festivities

As always things have been non-stop around here; it's almost one in the morning as I write this quick update. October has come to an end and now we are just about into the holiday season. Rilla turns four now and is no longer a toddler. More about that tomorrow!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Now wait just a minute...

NToday's dress up theme at school is "Throwback Thursday" but the throwback era they chose?!?! 
The nineties.
Are we so old that the years we spent as adults are considered throwback?!?!?
The only redeeming shred of dignity I could salvage for myself was not being able to find a single piece of clothing to wear for this particular theme, having discarded my platform shoes, Chinese flats, body glitter and suspenders some time ago.
My husband truly went all out and it was almost more than I could handle.
On a funny note I had to stop at Wmart for a few things on the way home from bringing the boys to school and I didn't feel out of place at all. ;0)

New friends Jill, Elsie and Jovie walked with us to the farmers market next door for a bit of trick or treating after class; we were almost home when Rilla asked "where's my bag???"
I must have looked in my purse ten times, spinning around asking Jill if I had hidden it somewhere in my body without thinking- I mean, how do you lose a bag of candy? And,let's be honest-- my mind these days just isn't cruising along at top speed, if you know what I mean.
Finally I was (pretty) sure I wasn't holding the bag in a pocket or on my head (I literally checked) and we walked back to find Rilla's forlorn pink purse on the side of the road.
Clearly I need to teach her the importance of knowing where her candy is.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Painting Pumpkins

Hosanna came over today to paint pumpkins; within about thirty seconds both girls were done and so we spent ten times longer cleaning up the project than we did actually doing the craft.

Also it was Wild West Wednesday and in our diligent quest to win that coffee we went all in once again!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The hunt for the "sly eyebrow"....

Many will remember last year when Zach posed with his Sly Eyebrow.

Well, recently he came downstairs with another eyebrow trick up his proverbial sleeve- a quick trim which he had taken upon himself in an effort to tame his unruly brows. 

Not sure how long it takes for them to grow back - but there clearly hasn't been much growth in the last week-!

City planning

Gabe and Rilla have been working off and on in 15 minute increments to build a city downstairs: